• Big Al McGregor
    Big Al McGregor
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    Witty and wise-cracking as ever, Albertan Big Al McGregor is back in the defining season of his mining career. Still recovering after a two-year battle with cancer, Big Al is relentless in carrying on the dream of his late wife Colleen to find gold in the Yukon. But after years of sinking his savings into the mine with no return, this year he’s got to make a profit … or pack it in for good. Determined to make it work, Al’s pushing himself, ace mechanic Hiro, and his crew harder than ever to find big gold. It’s 1000 oz or bust, and Big Al doesn’t like to lose. Close
  • Chris St. Jean
    Chris St. Jean
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    Born on Vancouver Island, and raised in One Hundred Mile House, BC, 49 year-old Chris St.?Jean, has been mining for almost two decades. Now, he’s trying to build a better life for his partner Nika and their young kids, 3-year-old Zyla and one-and-a-half year-old twins Hunter and Nevada. After years of just scraping by and living hand-to-mouth, this season Chris is going for broke. He invested more than ever before in better equipment and experienced crew with the hopes of pulling in a thousand ounces of gold. But nothing comes easy in the North, and Chris’ short fuse is tested by new crew, bad machines, and unpredictable ground. If he can hold it together, it could be Chris’ best season yet. But if the ground doesn’t pay, it could sink Chris and his family back deep in debt.


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  • Nika Guilbault
    Nika Guilbault
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    When she first met and fell for Chris St. Jean at a mine site five years ago, Nika Guilbault couldn’t have imagined where she’d end up today. With three kids under the age of four, 30-year-old Nika runs camp and keeps a million dollar mining operation afloat while partner Chris runs the mine site. Between bottle feedings Nika manages the budgets, maintains morale, and purchases new gear to keep the mine humming along. It’s a huge task for anyone, but especially for a mother of three living in the wilderness. But this farm girl from Sorrento, BC is up for any challenge. She and partner Chris want their kids to grow up away from the city where they can learn the values and independence of a bush lifestyle.

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  • Andy Tai
    Andy Tai
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    Born and raised in Whitehorse, 38-year-old Andy Tai moved to Vancouver where he became a successful venture capitalist and semi-professional poker player. But when childhood friend “PJ” called Andy out of the blue, inviting him to invest in a gold mine, this city slicker jumped at the chance to return to his roots in the Yukon. He put his own cash on the line and secured his dad and several other major investors to start mining in 50 Mile Valley. Now, Andy’s as likely to be found working in an excavator as he is pouring over the account books.? As they embark on their second season mining, the operation is a $1 million in debt and Andy’s investors are demanding to see a return on their money. It’s a make or break year:? If they don’t make a profit, Andy’s second season mining could be his last. Close
  • "PJ" Paul Joseph
    "PJ" Paul Joseph
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    Paul Joseph’s life took a much different turn than best friend Andy Tai. After graduating from high school in Whitehorse, PJ cut his chops in the Alberta oil fields, proving himself capable of running big machines and working hard labour. When he turned to gold mining, it was a chance to stop answering to others and become his own boss. But starting a mining operation at 50 Mile Valley has taken a big toll on his home life. The 38-year-old miner has a wife Natasha and two young kids, son Makaio and daughter Jada, back in Kelowna, B.C. This season has to be profitable, or PJ’s got to find another way to support his family. Close
  • Riley Gibson
    Riley Gibson
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    Riley Gibson is an academic gold miner, with an education in archaeology and geology. The 30-year-old Whitehorse native ran a hard rock and mineral exploration company with Ed Long, but this season the pair decided to fulfill a longtime dream and try their hands at gold mining. For Riley, gold is a means to an end: building a life for his family, wife Casey and daughter Jane, in the Yukon wilderness away from the chaos of city living. Riley and Ed have used all their prospecting skills to read the ground and open up a claim that should be gold-rich, but without any experience running big machines and moving dirt, the rookie miners are quickly finding out just how hard pulling gold out of the ground can be. Close
  • Ed Long
    Ed Long
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    Ed Long got his first taste of gold mining with his father, working small operations and prospecting in the Ruby Mountain range, the traditional territory of his people, the Champagne and Aishihik First Nation. Now, after years of hard rock exploration all over the Yukon with childhood friend Riley Gibson, Ed has returned to his ancestor’s homeland, hoping to pull a living for himself and his young family out of the ground. His dream is to live off the land with wife Kristen and sons Ryker and Rylan, hunting, fishing, farming and digging for gold. Fulfilling this dream is no easy task for a rookie miner but if he and mining partner Riley can get their mine operating efficiently, the potential for a big pay day is huge. Unlike the gold fields around Dawson City, which have been continuously mined since the late 1890s, their claim at Rabbit Creek has sat untouched since the old timers moved on. If they can get to the gold, this ground could provide for years to come. Ed’s dream is to pass on to his kids what his father gave to him: a love and respect for the land, and the skills to live off it. Close