About JFK Declassified: Tracking Oswald

In 2017, the CIA will declassify more than a million documents connected to the assassination of JFK. However, what few realize is that thousands of these documents have already been released.

When pieced together - for the first time - they show a deeper, more complex story about who Lee Harvey Oswald was, what motivated him, and his surprising plan for after the assassination. In this six-hour series, Bob Baer and an elite team of investigators will go around the world to piece together the whole story. This is not a conspiracy theory - this is a shocking criminal investigation. The declassified government files especially shed light on two areas that are just as relevant, if not more so, today; our complex relationship with Russia and the secrets of Cuba. The team will track down the leads that the Warren Commission couldn't risk because of the potentially devastating consequences. ?

Relations with the U.S.S.R. were at an all-time low, tensions were high, and nuclear weapons were available, so removing Kennedy from office could have been a path to the Russians winning the Cold War. The subject of JFK's assassination has been the center of countless specials over the years, but this project is different. Now that Cuba is accessible to Americans, they have the ability to investigate and dig in a country that was once off limits.

In 2017, all of the remaining classified JFK files must be released. This is going to carry with it much media coverage and bring the JFK assassination back into the zeitgeist.

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