About Battle Factory

Frontline gear is used every day by troops the world over, but how are things like the ballistic helmets soldiers wear into battle, the hovercrafts used by the coastguard, a sniper’s camouflage suit, or high-tech “dragon eggs” used by forest firefighters – actually made?

Battle Factory takes us into the hidden world of military and frontline gear factories all over the world - where raw materials become finished products. Battle Factory has unprecedented access and reveals how these things are made – right before the viewers' eyes.?

In each episode, we see how precisely engineered items designed to survive the toughest conditions are manufactured and assembled. From the smallest knife to the biggest fighter jet, there are no margins for error when human lives are at stake.

Meanwhile, throughout every segment we intercut the manufacturing process with an incredible “hero story” – a real-world event where the item was used to save lives or win battles so viewers can learn why the manufacturing process is so important.

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